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Hello world, my name is Nada Meeks and I love art of all kinds. and I mean all of it; painting, crafting, sculpting dancing, singing anything and every thing to do with it but have you ever tried to make a living with art well that's (and not to be polite) a hell of a diffrent story. don't get me wrong I don't think that I am the worlds best artist but I do think I am dog gone good. I love what I do, I put all my time and effort and concentration into each piece and struggle for perfection. My art is colorful lively and an eye catcher. not a bad take for a serious artist . I have a B.F.A. form the Ringling School of Art and Design . one of the top art schools in the country but still I have trouble getting work ( Any one out there need and artist ?) No I don't like to play the race card but yes I am of darker skin and curlier hair and i know it makes a difference. but my out going personality and happy smile overcome most peoples fears besides I heard some where that enthusiasm is infections and baby if its infections then I am patient 0.

The funniest thing is I didn't start out that way , I was the shy kid in class ( not the one in the back row i sat in the front my budding need for glasses leading me on) I studied hard looked for approval ( but was to shy to answer the teacher) and was the butt of many a class joke. yes ,yes boo whoo me I was brown, I was small, I took class seriously ( a product of having two parents that were teachers) and I was from out of town . Then one day I realized they could all kiss my beautiful brown back side and they never bothered me again. ( don't get me wrong you don/t wake up one morning and the bullies are gone, they just  no longer mattered to me , I iged there ever coment and look) Take this as a lesson ye young artist:


And that was the beginning of gaining my current (E.S.O.D.) attitude .

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